Monday, November 26, 2012

John's Version of Baby Jesus (and his family)

The last of our four bible gospels, in the order we find them in our bound books, and in order of when it was likely written, is the one we call John. There is no baby Jesus story – and apart from his mother telling him to turn water to wine at the wedding, no family tales. 

What John’s gospel gives us is a ‘prologue’ asserting an understanding of Jesus as best understood in terms of the pre-existing Word, or Logos (root of all our ‘ologies’). John sets out images of light and darkness, world and something beyond the world. We get reference to John the Baptist – but not to baby Jesus! 

Scroll down and click on ‘read more’, and take your time – this is another day with fewer words to read, but lots to think about. 

In the beginning 
was the Word, 
and the Word 
was with God,
 and the Word 
was God.

 He was
 in the beginning 
with God. 

All things 
came into being
 through him, 
and without him 
not one thing 
came into being. 

 What has come into being 
in him 
was life, 
and the life 
was the light 
of all people. 

The light shines
 in the darkness, 
and the darkness 
did not overcome it. 

 There was a man 
sent from God, 
whose name was John.
 He came 
as a witness 
to testify 
to the light, 
that all 
might believe
 through him. 

He himself 
was not the light, 
but he came
 to testify 
to the light. 

The true light,
 which enlightens 
was coming 
into the world. 

 He was
 in the world, 
and the world 
came into being 
through him; 
yet the world 
did not know him. 

He came
 to what was
 his own, 
and his own people
 did not accept him.

 But to all 
who received him, 
who believed 
in his name, 
he gave power 
to become 
children of God, 
who were born,
 not of blood 
or of the will of the flesh
 or of the will of man, 
but of God.

 And the Word
 became flesh 
and lived
 among us, 
and we have seen
 his glory,
the glory 
as of a father’s
 only son, 
full of grace
 and truth.

 (John testified
 to him 
and cried out,
 “This was he 
of whom I said, 
‘He who comes after me 
ranks ahead of me 
because he was 
before me.’) 

From his fullness
 we have all received, 
grace upon grace. 

The law indeed 
was given through Moses;
 grace and truth 
came through Jesus Christ.
 No one has ever seen God.

 It is God 
the only Son,
 who is close 
to the Father’s heart,
 who has
 made him known.

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